Saturday, February 18, 2006

Coming to the Cayman Islands

Stepping down from the Cayman Airways flight brought an end to the ordeal to 2 days of travel from the country thousands of miles away from Cayman Island.

The Caribbean breeze and sun was refreshing but the long travel had taken away all senses of joy of being in a place I had heard to be paradise on earth.

A nice little nap did wonders. Mind wondered about food. Food in airplane was well! just OK and I wanted to eat something really good. Asia definitely has lots of cuisines and tastes, being from Asia, I was really wondering about food.

My mind was racing on food for my pallet to suit my taste buds, when my friend sensed the need, both of us were hungry.
We GOOGLED for Grand Cayman Restaurants. This search led us to, seemingly a cayman web site. Interestingly a turtle wearing chef's cloths on the site took us to the list featured restaurants . We found exactly what we were looking for - Gate Way of India. My first meal on Grand Cayman was buffet lunch being served at the resaurant. Food was very good, exactly what I wanted to eat, Vegetarian and sea food and both us ate under CI$25.00

My first morning on Grand Cayman, Cayman Island

Drive through South Sand reaching the harbor – driving along the shore was fantastic. People jogging – to keep fit, sea breeze and the sun was doing wonders but the view of harbor was something I have not ever seen before.

Countless number of suntanned tourists coming on cruse ships, walking in the streets buying things from the shops specially catering to these visitors – street side markets selling Caribbean art to t/shirts to chocolates, bars on the shore, diving spots, bus tours for visitors but then I was just going past this place and these were the first glimpses I got of a busy harbor and town area.

The drive bought me now on to the Seven Mile Beach, West Bay Road – crossing Marriot, The Reef going past the shopping centers in the right passed The Strand, Coconut Place and right into the West Bay.

The part of public beach, though was crowded. Visitors enjoying their swim in the beautiful looking, clear water or some su bathing. Some were jogging or walking to keep fit. A really pleasant site.

The place is impressing but the best thing was the peace and calm, of the city. The color of sea! as I stepping into the water, the enchanting sea water held my feet together. The passing by fish looked fascinating. Felt like diving and swimming with them, become a fish and that is exactly what I did. Made it a habit to visit the beach every day in the evening and walk miles, just burn out calories and be with the fish.

Considering this as a once in a life time chance.

Week end approached fast, so on Sunday morning turned the wheels of my car towards the east end, going through Savannah to Bodden Town and going straight to Rum Point.

The drive, though was long, but the sea shore were beautiful, splashing sea waves, the reefs, road curving with the curing shore IT was beautiful. Now I know why people call the place paradise on earth.

I see lots of places entertaining visitors and locals alike. Places bursting with activities on every day of the week.

Locals throng to the bars, clubs while visitors too are seeing enjoys the drinks watching the sun go down at the sea side bars and also listing to the live music.

With the sun going down, Cayman Islands activities also change their colors. Restaurants are full to the capacity, night clubs are in full swing, young crowd dancing and drinking, having fun time. While some start getting ready for the other days busy routines.

Though living on Cayman Islands is expensive but this can be any ones experience in lifetime. Excellent beaches and water sports, good places to dine, numerous bars where you are never along, you will always be surrounded by people, music and the hustle bustle of the place you are in.

Cayman Island is all about the Magic of the SEA, the charismatic pull of the turquoises colored sea water and the white sands, fish and water sports. Grand sea side resorts and cruse ships and tourists.